Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Salima Beal

As a practicing and studying artist Salima's work has shifting styles and is open to influence from many sources. In this collection she based her research around boundaries, restriction and chance. In contrast to this Salima explains that the "pieces turned out to have an expressively light and airy feel to them". In the exhibition Salima has translated some of her favourite ideas mainly into smaller scale textile and mixed media pieces, using various fabric bases and pastes to build up the surface along with different drawing and painting media.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rebecca Fitton; Age Before Beauty

21st Feb - 15th March 2009
Artist Rebecca Fitton has produced a series of work which deals with the lives of people who suffer with dementia. Rebecca is an award winning artist who has enjoyed numerous solo exhibitions. This series of paintings invites you to look past the mundane and stereotype and explore the emotion and depth of the work.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stephen Bell: Art for the Credit Crunch

10th January - 1st February
Artist Stephen Bell has produced a series of abstract paintings focusing on the exploration of colour using acrylic paint. He has used the current economic instability as a source of inspiration for his latest project. Reflecting on the sometimes rediculous price we put onto luxury items which is so out of touch with the life of the majority who struggle under the increasingly difficult financial climate. Artist Bell states "I'm deeply interested in people and the whole of my works are about people for people".

Friday, October 24, 2008


8th November - 14th December 2008
Artist Fiona Shaw is to produce an installation. The work takes the premise of the remains of a mysterious act of destruction having taken place in the gallery. Fiona States
"The aim is to create a transformative experiential space, allowing for an intriguing and unsettling encounter with the work and the enviroment of the gallery."
The installation will take the form of a 'snapshot' of the moment of impact and the ensuing scattering of various objects in the wake of the destruction. Therefore, a distinct feature of the piece will be the arrangement of objects in unlikely and unexpectedly balanced positions, awkward and elegant, apparently gravity-defying, with an eerie sense of 'magic'. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rising Tide

4th October - 2nd November  2008
Artist Cathy Kelly has produced a series of paintings depicting beautiful women, decoration and panic. Cathy kelly tells the curator David Parkinson "I enjoy creating a sense of tension between the appearance, adverse weather conditions and held poses".

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carolyn Sillis: On A Plate

30th Aug - 28th Sept

The artist Carolyn Sillis has completed a series of work based on how women use their own sexuality to get what they want or manipulate their partner in emotional blackmail. Carolyn states
" My intentions have been to create the seedier and darker side of sex in a visual language . The carving I have done represents a plate and the self loathing some women experience through sex."

Monday, June 16, 2008

David Parkinson: Secrets

June14th - July20th

The artist David Parkinson gathers information through questionnaires and written statements to investigate facets of people's identities and personality. He then combines the information gathered with his creativity to represent the intangible through a visual language.

The body of work currently being exhibited Secrets is an attempt to look at the darker side of human nature. David Parkinson states "I wanted to look at people's darker sides of their personality and decided the best way would be to collect people's secrets and try and interpret onto canvass their attempts to cover up and hide them from over people."

This work combines a number of techniques and methods in painting to achieve the idea behind the concept, the result is a very contemporary and raw body of work.